Sean Alistair is a queer self-taught Canadian born artist currently residing in Germany. His fiber art is a visual journal and memoir of his life where he discusses his experiences with mental illness, with a focus on being bipolar. He developed his interest with material experimentation at a young age due to his humble upbringing. Like many families there wasn't much additional money to be spent on art supplies, however through unconditional support his parents let him have free rein over whatever he could find in the house whether it was house paints, old fabrics, or even nail polishes. Subsequently his mom taught him how to sew, and his Dad taught him how to use his tools and work supplies. 

Sean later went to Langley Fine Arts in Fort Langley, Canada; a high school that focuses on the arts where he studied visual art with a focus on photography. On a whim during his senior year he took a textiles course where he learned how to embroider and upon graduation, he won the Hyeon Award for Mastery in their Medium for Embroidery. Once graduated he studied photography and fashion while working in Visual Merchandising and Store Display. It was during his time while working in a luxury fashion department store where he felt the most inspired and would take every possible moment to analyze the craftsmanship of couture garments and then implement this inspiration into his own work. 

Each of Sean's works are completely sewn and created by hand over hundreds of hours. What is most important to him is that his work lives; he intentionally creates each piece in a manner that changes depending on lighting or the angle and distance one is viewing the work.