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If you are interested in purchasing a painting please fill out the from in its entirety and we'll get back to you shortly. Thanks!


* Listed prices include tax but not shipping.

* Purchased paintings will remain in the gallery for the full run of the exhibition and mailed out via UPS afterwards.

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“It is about more than an ascension and plummet to the cold unfeeling earth below. It is the pedestal we place others upon, and heights that are beyond the realm of possibility. Beyond the fragility of perfection, and the inevitable plunge to earth and reality. But in our descent, embracing our mortality. Eventually, we all fail; we all tumble to our end. But in our accelerated descent, the inevitable impact can feel like an embrace. It is unavoidable, so all we can do is accept it. And in that wisdom, we PLUMMET UPWARDS.” - Waiton P. Farrell, 2021

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