In 2019 when my partner left Canada to go back home to Germany the plan was that in the new year I would follow him, however due to a pandemic we were separated for much longer then either of us had anticipated. Like much of the world, 2020 was an extremely challenging year for me, however I could always look forward to receiving mail from my partner. To help lift my mood and get me excited for my future home he would send me photos he took, chocolates, letters or postcards. I really wanted to return the favor so I decided to paint him a picture of his home town and send it to him in the mail. When I finally arrived in Germany I was completely in awe of how beautiful it was. I was so inspired that I not only took hundreds of photos but also started to paint; I wanted to capture the magic that I saw. This series of paintings that are all available as postcards and prints was the brainchild of my partner with the intent to send to loved ones or hang as tiny pieces of art in your own home. 

* International shipping available

* Information about orders and pricing available via Instagram              or Etsy  


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